Saturday, 8 December 2012

52 weeks of happy

homemade mince pies
nightie & slippers
sugar & cinnamon almonds
hat knitting
1. homemade mince pies - you can't beat them {although i do cheat a little & buy a jar of mincemeat} i could make a batch of these every couple of days as they never last long,
2. being poorly is the perfect excuse to stay at home keeping warm & snug, the littlest one was off school a couple of days {seeing her in her new xmas nightie makes me very happy}
3. i had a go at making some sweet sugar & cinnamon almonds, they worked a treat first time & didn't last long either! i plan to make another batch to gift as presents, this was the recipe i followed, i halved it this time but won't be next!
4. more knitting on the go {knitting always makes me happy} another quick knit - will share when it's finished


  1. Those mince pies look delicious. I always buy my mincemeat too, but was given the tip of making holes in the mincemeat (whilst still in the jar) then adding a couple of spoons of brandy. Do up the jar and leave until needed. Yumm! XX

  2. Oh those mince pies and those almonds look amazing! I'd like some right now please! x

  3. what cute little slippers!
    Mmmmm must try those almonds, they sound delish.
    love jooles x

  4. Your post has really put me in the holiday mood. And I am so glad it makes you Happy! Me too. I love this time of year, but more the atmosphere and the spirit of it all. Shame it can't last all year.

  5. Those mince pies look yummy! I love how you say 'quick knit'! It would take me forever to get a row done! :)

  6. That all sounds super! I am making my first batch of mince pies today, I think they will last about two seconds as I am the main culprit in munching them and I get through a fair few. - Annie

  7. I've never had a mince pie... I will have to give those a go! And few things are better than new Christmas pajamas!!

  8. hello, nice to have found you! what lovely mittons you made! Heather x