Thursday, 20 December 2012

christmas puds

Christmas puds!
i made a whole batch of knitted christmas puds to gift to the little folks school teachers, here they are before i added some silver thread so they could be hung on the tree, they are so so very cute, i really wanted to keep them all, i can't face making another one right now, especially as i'm busy finishing off the other last minute gifts i decided to make, these were made from a pattern i found on ravelry here, i was also lucky to have plenty of odds & ends in the right colours in my stash


  1. Very lovely ... not sure I could bear to part with them either ... Bee xx

  2. They are too gorgeous...Now that our little big girl is in year 7 it seems that teacher presents "are so last year mum!" Its a little bit sad because I always used to love making a little something for Alice's teacher. xox

  3. I could eat them, but then I would have indigestion all afternoon!
    Have a lovely, fun filled Christmas, thank you for your support, and fantastic mittens! :) x