Saturday, 29 December 2012

52 weeks of happy

little angel
far too many things keeping me happy this week, most of which has been beyond me to get photos of, but you will have heard & seen it all before, lovely time spent with my family & friends, being grateful to have them all close, cooking & enjoying lovely food together, the littlest one & i are taking today out to be quiet and make the most of having the house to ourselves, while the boys are out at a football match, i'm really looking forward to seeing the new year in with good friends {& plenty more good food & wine!} hope you've all found some quiet time over these busy weeks - i dont plan to be back untill the new year - have fun!


  1. These are definitely things to be happy about .. wishing you a very Happy New Year ... Bee x

  2. I absolutely love that painting, makes me smile! :) x

  3. Happy new year! Your newest follower :-)