Saturday, 27 March 2010

life taking over

wow, i hadn't meant to stay away from this space for quite so long, but it kind of feels good to have had a little break, life has somewhat been getting in the way of my crafting time lately, our house has gone on the market, so we have been having a BIG tidy up, 

that said i have found time for a little making, whilst trying to keep the mess to a minimum! 
i whipped up a little skirt out of the fabric i had left over from the wonderland quilt, it won't fit little O for a year or two, as it actually fits big G, (& he'll be five in a few months) so it may become a present for a friend of his,
yesterday i spent little O's nap time chopping up some of my fabric scraps, from this
to this
very satisfying, & it feels good to use up some of the fabric i have stashed away, i'm thinking these will be used to make up a little baby quilt for a friends baby due early june,

i have some more knitting on the go too, but can't share just yet as it's for a present, i have also tackled the mess that was my lace scarf for the lace KAL, it wasn't so scary, so i'm thinking i'll be more inclined to get on with this now!


  1. Hi, It sounds like you have loads too do. Its always good too have a sort out and you have a nice collection of fabrics ready too make something. I love the little skirt, you make it look so easy. Julie.C

  2. Love the skirt the fabrics really pretty,
    I always think you get loads done as it's not easy to find the time with kids.
    Good luck on the house front.

  3. the skirt is lovely..that fabric is beautiful! i know what you mean about taking time for a BIG tidy up, i have been procrastinating one of those.

    warmest wishes and have a super easter week xxx