Tuesday, 16 March 2010

sewing up the loose ends

i've been trying to finish off some of my current projects (before starting any more this week!) in the last few days i've sewn the binding on my wonderland quilt
today it had it's wash & has been line dried & oh how i love it
(although i have been fabric browsing on etsy, getting ideas for the next big project)
i am spending this evening sewing in the ends of the granny blanket, so i can start on the next row, 

here is a little sneaky peek of something i made at the weekend, but need to get more photos taken before i reveal all!
although i'm thinking some of you may be able to guess!


  1. Lovely patchwork Kelly!
    You must be really chuffed.
    Clare x

  2. The wonderland quilt looks great!!

  3. oo is it a pinny!! if so, i love it!! i want it!! i love daisies xx

  4. Ooh the quilt is gorgeous, I love it.
    The photo of the binding is great, you must be really pleased, oh I want it!

  5. oooh they are fabulous. I've been trying to use my fabric stash up too as I'm dying to buy some more - it's so hard, there's so much lovely fabric out there nowadays :o)

  6. The wonderland quilt looks scrummy and I bet it smells great too after a line drying....all nice and fresh.

    Nina xx

    ps. could it be an apron?? Looks fab whatever. Nxx