Friday, 1 May 2009

Shrit dress

When i saw this dress tutorial over on Dana's blog, i knew i wanted to make one, so cute & it looked quite easy to do. So armed with my bargain gingham shirt i picked up at a local Carboot sale i set to work.

And ta da!
Now if you checked out the link above, you might be wondering where the sleeves have gone,
well i could fib & say this is how i had planned it all along, but sadly not, whilst my sewing skills might be improving slowly, my pattern drawing skills are not!I just couldn't get those sleeves right, so in a flash of inspiration (frustration more like) i just cut them off & popped some elastic in as they were & how lucky i am they turned out pretty good! (& that it looks like the sun will be shining for few days)unfortunately little O was asleep by this time & so i couldn't try it on her before fixing the elastic, so i should have made it a little tighter, but heh, it does fit her & looks pretty cute to me.If only she'd stay still long enough for my to get a good shot of her in it! Think i might have to make a little pair of shoes to match, seeing as i have plenty of shirt left over.


  1. Oh that is so sweet, your little poppet looks lovely in the blue gingham. You did a lovely job there, well done!

  2. Kelly, thanks for sharing! It turned out GREAT! And funny....I was thinking of doing a sleeveless one this time around. You are brilliant!
    I'm putting together a "fashion show" of people's pictures (Today, in fact) and I will include your dress! Cute stuff.

  3. Your little one looks adorable in her new shirt dress!! The sleeves are perfect for a summer's afternoon on the beach - great job!! :) Have a super weekend!

    Gemma x x