Wednesday, 29 April 2009

More shoes

Round two, i spent ages trying to get a good shot of O wearing these little shoes, but no joy,
so i settled for a picture of them off her feet, this pair fit the length of her foot much better, but i've made them a little two wide, so might try to alter them, although i quite want to just make another pair, as she can wear these fine. I love the chunky cord on the soles ( this fabric was recycled from an old dress of hers) & i used a soft brushed cotton on the inside. The green matryoshka fabric was brought on-line from kitty-craft (although i'm not sure if the shop is still there?) the pictures taken with the flash are how the green really looks, so they are quite bright! Yesterday i made it to the final day of an embroidery and textile art exhibition, which was taking place very close to me - here, unfortunately i couldn't afford to buy anything (as i've been on a bit of a fabric buying binge lately! but will save that for another day), & there were lots of amazing pieces, i did come back very inspired with lots of ideas to add to my ever growing 'to make' list.

I've also signed up to another swap over here, as i just can't resist a monkey!


  1. They are very cute - and as you know, i love that fabric!! Thanks for giving me the info on the 2 sites - the second one had loads of unusual fabric!!

  2. Cute! Cute!! Cute!!