Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Getting there

I can see the end in sight!, this lap quilt has taken me soooooooooo long, (getting on for a year now!)
i have fallen in & out of love with it on the way, but am happily back in love with it again & am speeding on with the binding as i'm looking forward to snuggling up with it soon.
i do love how the hand quilting looks (even the uneven stitches) but not sure i'll be doing the next one by hand, it just took me too long!


  1. OOh I recognise one of those fabrics, the lime green with pale blue...looks a bit like berries, made a smashing bag out of a fat quarter of it. Kicking myself though for not getting more..haha, not that I don't already have enough fabric.

    Good job on the quilt, must get back to mine soon, so thanks for the prompt!

  2. It looks lovely Kelly! And your handquilting is great.

  3. Love it Kelly!!! What a great quilt, and your hand quilting is fantastic. I cheat, and machine, or I have had a couple of quilts machine quilted for me before.I love the look of hand quilting, maybe I should do a cushion cover , or another small item.

    Sharon xx