Wednesday, 13 May 2009

'Wonderful' fabric

I fell in love this fabric a while ago & almost ordered some from the states, but look,

i found some on this side of the pond, i went for a few charm packs this time (less work cutting out & also stops me having to choose just a few of the prints)
i also got some to become part of the backing! i couldn't resist. It's unlikely i will get round to actually doing any sewing on this for a while, (especially as the little one has started crawling!) but i keep getting it out to look at, as it's just so lovely.
(brought from one of my favourite shops here)

should also have mentioned that the fabric i used for the quilt in my last post was mostly Amy Butler, brought from this lovely lady

I will be back with more lovely fabric soon, i've been buying more than i should have lately, but my maternity pay finishes this month, so thought i'd better get it in now, whilst i can!


  1. That is pretty fabric isn't it. I'm quite tempted by it and thank you for the link. :)

  2. Oooh, it's delicious. I'm quite tempted myself. Hmmmmm ... shall I click on your link, or shan't I? x

  3. lOVE THOSE FABRICS!!! You have made some lovely things lately!!! I dont know how you find the time!!
    Your little girl is so cute, love the dress, and shoes you made for her.

    Happy sewing : )

    Sharon xx