Wednesday, 6 May 2009


For a while now I have enjoyed trying my hand at little pieces of embroidery & thanks to Katy having a book destash, I've got my hand on a copy of doodle stitching to inspire me to do a little more.
thought i might share a few bits i have done already,this is a picture of something i made my mum for Christmas (as they have a place in Italy, hence our recent trip out there!)
This was an experiment on some felt i had made, i loved it so much it's now hanging in my kitchen.
& this is a little snippet of something I've made recently, can't show it all as it's on it's way to a new baby (whose mummy i know reads my ramblings from time to time, so don't want to spoil any surprises!) as you can see it's not the finished piece, I'll share that next week, once i know it's arrived safely!


  1. This book seems quite popular at the moment as I have seen it on a couple of blogs and quite fancy getting myself a copy too! I love all your stitching but my favourite is the little felty picture :O)

  2. Love the owl piece, I have been very tempted by this book, but I have too many already!

  3. I just got that book too - it's got some lovely projects in it. I particularly love your little felty picture, so sweet!

  4. All beautiful-makes me want to pick up a needle and thread!
    lovely work, well done.

  5. Oooooh I love, love, love your doodlings. How clever you are, they are really beautiful.
    I have the book too and aparantly Aimee has some lovely stuff on flickr (my daughter tells me, I still haven't looked yet, must do that).
    Can't wait to see more of the mysterious owly doodling, the little glimpse is gorgeous, I so want to see it all!
    Have lots more doodly fun xx

  6. Hello Kelly
    Many thanks for your lovely comment.
    I used acrylic paints for the pebbles (neat, I didn't mix them with water). Do have a go, it really is great fun.
    I buy a big pot of white and some big tubes of red blue and yellow then mix my colours from there, this cuts the cost down a lot.
    Have fun! xxx

  7. That book looks great! I'm loving the sneak peak of that owl, i'm looking forward to seeing the rest.