Thursday, 25 August 2011

a camping granny

i'd been thinking about a crochet blanket plan for a while, at first i was sure i'd make a granny stripe & had been mulling over what colours i'd like to use, i'd seen this yarn on kemps website recently - i'm always checking their clearance yarns, i'd planned on making the blanket in an acrylic yarn, as i'd wanted it to be something we could take camping & that the kids could use in the garden in a den, or take to the park, so i didn't want it to be something i was too precious about, i dithered a little, not sure if  i'd like the colours or the yarn, but in the end temptation won over {& also at £1.09 for a 100g ball it wasn't going to break the bank} i ordered six colours & waited patiently for the postman,

{apple green, cerise, orange, grey, turquoise & jade}

by this time i''d made up my mind that i wanted to make a giant granny square, using two rounds of each colour, now this didn't really need a pattern but this would be a good starting point if you needed one, i couldn't wait to get started, now this isn't a particularly nice yarn to work with, but it feels okay once it's been worked up, i'm really happy with how the colours work together, i'm not really planning on getting this finished till next years first camping trip but i'm enjoying the short rounds at the start of the blanket, i'm sure i'll slow down when it takes me an hour to do one round!
the camping granny
the camping granny
& at least i'll have something to do whilst hiding in the tent from the rain on our final camping trip this year!


  1. what a great idea...a giant granny square. I wish I had done that with my WIP 2 years on and it is still not finished!!!
    the colours look great and suit a jolly camping trip!

  2. Lovely colours! I love the giant granny square, sewing little squares together always makes me hesitate about starting a blanket, so this is a great idea!
    Have a fab day!


    really zippy colours perfect for it's planned use I'd say.
    keep up the good work :o)
    jooles x

  4. What a fantastic blanket in the making. I adore your colours. What I need most of all is a blanket that is quick to make. I am (still) making a hexagon blanket and it seems to be taking FOREVER. I want something zippy!
    Have faith - you may get great weather...

  5. Great project. I've slacked off on my granny squares (too much going on) but figure it'll be a good winter project back in rainy England! C.x

  6. Love it, Kelly! Great colours. My granny blanket is acrylic for exactly the same reason :) Laura x

  7. Oh wow, that looks amazing. I have just finished my queen size granny square crochet blanket for my bed in Ella Rustica chunky. Just busy with the border then I will post it on my blog. Do take a look in a few days. I enjoy your blog lv Janine

  8. I wasn't sure about the orange in the photo of the balls or yarn, but when it's made up the colour is fab. In fact, all the colours go so well together and are a good contrast to each other at the same time. You obviously have a real eye for colour (of which sadly, I am lacking). Looking forward to the finished blanket. Must also get onto Kemps website for some bargains. x