Tuesday, 9 August 2011

give-away winners

wow thanks for all the comments on the give-away post, i couldn't face writing out all the names & popping them into a hat, so i ventured down the path of  'random number generator' once i'd figured out to get it to do what i wanted, it was great {haven't quite figured out how to get a picture of the picked number onto the blog yet though}

so first up the winner of the sewing goodies was Clare from 'a home in the highlands', then the knitting goodies go to Ashley from 'country rose', your parcels got posted off this afternoon so should hopefully be with you soon

the mismatched needles go to Rachel from 'fizz pop bang' {please email me the info i need to send these off to you!}

on another happy note - my sweet peas are smelling delicious 
sweet peas


  1. Well done winners you have some lovely prizes

  2. Wooohooo! I won! Thank you so much, I never expected to win. I'm usually the most unlucky person ever. Can't wait to recieve my knitting goodies! Already thinking about what I'm gonna make with the gorgeous yarn. :-)

    Ashley xxx

  3. well done them, i am sure they will let you know how they use the prizes!

  4. Well done you lucky winners!
    your sweet peas are gorgeous Kelly
    I will have to suss out the 'random number generator' thing myself tomorrow!
    jooles x

  5. Sweet peas....lovely!!! My poor sweet peas are looking dreadful.....with baby bio added I'm hoping for a recovery.......dear me...imagine having to actually buy some flowers!
    nattie x