Monday, 15 August 2011


here we are just over half way through, the summer term long forgotten but the autumn one creeping up far to fast, i do always look forward to autumn, it always feels so much more of a season than summer here in the uk, even more so when you live in a small village, the signs are there already, kind neighbours with offers of apples & plums from their fruit trees, some ripe blackberries picked from the hedgerows whilst out walking barney, chunky yarn on my needles, it would be nice if summer went out on a high note & it stayed dry for our last camping trip - please!
hello kitty cake
my baby turned three! so she's not such a baby any more, i got rather emotional kissing her goodnight on the eve of her birthday, as i said 'this is the last time i will kiss you goodnight as a two year old' silly soppy mummy!

we've enjoyed days out with friends, exploring the woods, picnics at the park, pub gardens, the odd bbq
into the woods
all good fun!


  1. I love The Hello Kitty cake! :)

  2. lovely post Kelly. Happy birthday little O..coool cake! Glad you are having a great summer, I just had week 3 (mid point) wobble, but I will come back this week making it happier and better. Yes fingers crossed for sunshine! Lou x

  3. oh...i so understand getting emotional when you give them the last kiss of that age, i do your cake and looks as though lots of fun has been had...we are patiently waiting for winter to end and on with spring...can't wait to be

  4. Hi Kelly,
    I know exactly what you mean about autumn seeming more of a season in the UK. I love seeing the beginning of russett colours around me, and the ripening fully of my tomatoes in the greenhouse. Mind you, I would probably love too the lazy, dreamy days of summer if we actually had many!
    Having recently discovered the fact that I can comment on blogs, as a non-blogger, by using the anonymous button (although I always leave my name), and filled with the enthusiasm that comes with something new, you may get quite a few comments from me until the novelty wears off!

  5. totally with you re the weather - although feeling just a little cheated this summer (again!)
    Enjoy the last three weeks - it goes SOOOO fast doesn't it!?
    fee x

  6. Nice cake! and happy birthday to little O, i can't believe that she is 3 already.
    looks like you are having a lovely summer break.
    I am looking forward to autumn except the fact that my little girl will be off to uni! help!
    jooles x

  7. I can't believe how fast the holidays are going either though I have got my fingers crossed for the weather too.

    Enjoy the camping.

    Nina x

    ps. Happy third birthday to your little one too - we're just coming out of the three's and heading for the four's!