Friday, 28 January 2011

the daffodil dress

okay, so the dress has very little to do with daffodils, other than the fabric has a little yellow in it & this little pot of beauties is on the widow sill next to my sewing machine,  

i've had this fabric for so long, i think it's a cotton / linen mix, i brought it with the intention of making some trousers for G when he was a toddler, something i didn't get round to doing, i had thought about making a scarf for myself with it, but didn't have quite enough to make it as long as i would have liked

but i had just enough to eek out a summer dress for little O, she won't go near the thing now, but then i can't blame her, it's so very cold here right now,

i followed my template from this dress i made,  just tweaking it to make it a little smaller where it needed to be (& to make it work the the small amount of fabric i had), so it should hopefully fit this summer, (original idea from here)

i've had a break from the summer clothes this week but did leave my machine out, which has meant i've finished piecing the 30's quilt top, now it's all come together i'm so excited about it & can't wait to share it with you all, will be back over the weekend with some pictures if the sun puts in an appearance!


  1. Oh, pretty pretty pretty! I would love to have a girl to make frocks for! Really looking forward to seeing the quilt top. I'm about to embark on one of my own... laura x

  2. That's so pretty- you are doing so well getting the quilt together too. I haven't done wny sewing for ages- must get back on it! x

  3. Oh Kelly, that's such a pretty dress and that fabric is absolutely gorgeous, if your daughter doesn't like it, perhaps I could squeeze into it?

  4. How adorable! Love the fabric and the shape is so perfect for a Summer's day. C.x