Wednesday, 19 January 2011

all in a mornings work

we had one of little O's friends over yesterday morning, i planned to do some cooking with them both but maybe this time didn't choose the most toddler proof recipe! we made a raisin sour dough loaf, which got very very messy!

still they had almost as much fun washing their hands after the mixing was done 

& it turned out rather yummy, so we had something for our elevenses

think we might stick to biscuits next time though


  1. You are brave - I haven't tried anything doughy yet, but I have to agree that does look yummy!

    Nina x

  2. Oh that looks so good - worth the messy bits I'm sure.

  3. Bless them- they look so sweet all full of concentration and done up in their little pinnies! The bread looks scrummy! x

  4. We made biscuits last week and the boys ended up just as messy! I was planning to do bread next week.. I thought it might be less messy, but perhaps not! Laura x

  5. Brave indeed. Looks great despite all those little fingers.