Saturday, 24 July 2010

room to grow

why don't i learn, i get so caught up in a rush to finish what i'm making, that i carry on regardless, ignoring that niggle in my head which is saying 'this is going to be too big - wait till tomorrow when you can measure her properly', well ofcourse i didn't wait, as those with small children know, uninterrupted sewing time is so precious you have to take it where you get it,

i did make a vain attempt to measure a sleeping little O in her cot, but that clearly wasn't good enough. i was worrying about making it bigger than her 'far far away top' & in doing so have made a dress that at best will fit her next summer - if not the following one!

but what a pretty dress, yes i could take it apart & make it smaller, but i think i'd just rather make another one & save this for when it will fit her, 

the fabric was a bargain at £4.99 per m from c&h fabrics in Chichester (but they don't have it on their website), is was called a 'vintage cotton' & is a very fine gauze fabric, which i lined with a plain gauze,  i used this pattern again, just making the body an A line shape & making it long enough to be a dress,


  1. That is so pretty- shame it's too big, but time goes so quickly she'll be wearing it in the blink of an eye!

    I adore the fabric- what a good find! x

  2. I can't remember the amount of times I did things like that when Baby Fig really was little! - what am I talking about? I still do it! I am measuring a secret shrug for her birthday on Hubby!

    The dress is so sweet! I think I would do the same, make another and keep that one!


  3. Sweet, it's such pretty fabric for a dress! :) x

  4. oh that is so adorable, love it :o) I loved your post too ...I do exactly the same and yet when I teach a sewing class I advice people to rip things the minute the make a mistake - if only I practiced what I preached :o)