Sunday, 9 January 2011

little miss mouse

i needed one of those quick little knits {to keep my fingers busy whilst i decide what my next big project will be} so i had a quick little look though my favourites on ravelry & came up with the Marisol mouse pattern

super cute & very quick, all the bits were knitted on & off throughout one of the rather rainy days last week, then she only took an evening to sew together,

a great project for using odd's & ends of yarn, good job i've got plenty lying around as i'm going to have to knit another one to stop the children arguing over her, my pattern details can be found here 


  1. oh, kelly
    this is the sweetest little mouse ever ♥

  2. Oh Miss Mouse you are a delight! I think I too would squabble for her attention. Lou x

  3. Aw she's cute, looks like Miss Mouse from Show Me Show Me! :) XxX

  4. Sometimes the little quick things work out the best .

  5. That is so sweet, looks like she has a nice house to live in too.

  6. Hello Kelly! I was sent over here by some of my blog friends when I asked them to post links to their favourite blogs! You popped up twice and your blog is just lovely.
    I love the effortless cardigan and this mouse is so sweet, you have given me the perfect idea for making one for my partner as a present, thank you!!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you make with your lovel christmas yarn!
    Love Alice XXXXX