Tuesday, 4 January 2011

today i am

- making the most of having an extra day with both the children due to a school inset day, we took a trip to 'soft play' this morning & had an afternoon viewing of 'the jungle book'

- trying not to eat too many of the 'squashed fly' biscuits i made

- working out an order to sew the completed 'pin wheel' blocks together

- pondering the almighty party the spiders must have had whilst we were away over Christmas, judging by the cobwebs on the living room ceiling

- getting my hopes up about moving house, only to get frustrated by things getting set back

- keeping warm in my newly finished knitted cardi (details to follow soon)

- planning my next knitting project, with the wool my lovely sister brought me for Christmas (all the way from purl Soho in NY)

- not looking forward to getting ready & out the house in time for the school run tomorrow


  1. Aaaw, such cozy comfy activities- hope tomorrow isn't too much of a shock! My crafting has lapsed in recent weeks as I just haven't felt very motivated, but I feel more interested after the sight of that beautiful yarn!

  2. I went back to normal life today...help

    love the wool

  3. Hope your day was as lovely as you described it... I am in school uniform and packed lunch mode aready and not impressed after having 2 weeks off! I LOVE the wool your sister got for you, pure heaven and look forward to your knitted cardi reveal xox

  4. Hi Kelly,
    Lovely wool. Have enjoyed reading you blog last year, all the best for the new year. Having purchased our home 12 months ago I understand your stress about the new place. Property is a tricky rolercoaster. Keep your chin up. Amy.