Wednesday, 13 October 2010

swing coat

having read this post over at flora & purl a few weeks back, i was too tempted & paid a visit to the etsy shop Charley mentioned, well they had a lot of very sweet patterns but i fell for the 'chic cocktail swing coat pattern',

the pattern was great & very easy to follow, i knew that i would not make it with the bow the first time, so i made a few little changes, but oh how cute it turned out, a little on the big side, but better that than too small, (i would love to make one to fit me)

i used a few poppers on the inside to do it up & then just sewed some buttons from my stash on the front, 

(despite the tugging she likes it too!)

the fabric - cream needle cord on the outside, small floral print for the lining, was all brought from fabric land in Brighton (you need to have a rummage but that shop has some great bargains, i think i spent about £8 on 3m & made it out of much less)

as it turns out i think i used the same lining that Charley used for her dress!

there will also most definitely be more of these! (i'm already planning the next)


  1. Hehe how funny that we used the same lining! That coat is so lovely and the buttons are awesome. Maybe we should do a pattern swap and you can have a go at the dress. Cx
    PS H&F have a photopool on FlickR if you wanted to share

  2. Cor blimey! You are one talented lady! This is so gorgeous. SHe is a lucky girl to have a mummy making her such beautiful clothes. Lou x

  3. Gorgeous coat! What a lucky girl she is! :) x

  4. Stunning coat and what a gorgeous wee girl. Mine had bobs when they were small too so your pics made me feel wistful for that time.


  5. That little coat is gorgeous!! I can see why you want one for yourself!! To buy one similar, it would cost a fortune, and you can choose exactly the colours you want!
    Well done!!!

    Sharon xx

  6. What a lovely coat. Your dress making skills are brilliant. And yet again modelled so well!
    Jenny x

  7. That is just gorgeous! I uttered a mental 'wow' when I saw the first photo .... and those with your daughter wearing it are so lovely.
    Her little bob is so cute, I always imagined my daughter with a neat little fringed bob but she has produced a mass of messy curls!

  8. So gorgeous, I might have to have a go too, once I've finished off a few other projects....

  9. It gorgeous an I'm off to check out that shop!!

    Nina x

  10. This is so adorable! I agree with you...I would love to have a coat like this for myself. I just purchased Heidi and Finn's pinafore pattern, and am considering purchasing this swing coat pattern to make for my girls. Is the pattern easy to follow?