Thursday, 21 October 2010

clothes for Kitty

we were over at the in laws at the weekend & whilst having a rummage in the attic for some more (vintage) playmoblie for big G to play with, Granny came across this, 
sadly she couldn't remember what happened to the rest of the bits, but here we have some (un-sewn) clothing for clothkits Cloth Kitty (which they are now selling a re-print of the original)

these are the original 70's pieces but i should think they'd fit the dolls clothkits make now, there are the bits to make a bag, blouse & dungarees, along with the instructions, 

so if anyone fancies a go at making these i'd be happy to pass them on, just let me know either in the comments or send me an email (& if you're the first to get in touch they are yours)


  1. Oh I would love these for my daughter, she just made the Cloth Kitty doll and she really needs some clothes too!

  2. Shame to have missed out on the cloth kits however I'm glad to have found you anyway; I'm working my way through the Japanese sewing books too! I've loved looking at your creations, I haven't yet made the cover tunic from Stylish Dress but it's been on the list for an age. Yours is lovely!