Saturday, 16 October 2010

sweet as the chestnut (& the handmade hat winner!)

i almost forgot that today was the day to pick a winner for the handmade hat give-away, as we have had a busy afternoon spent in the woods, searching for sweet chestnuts, our village has a 'junior society' which organise monthly walks in the local area, as they had planned a shorter walk this week i was keen to go along with my little ones,

we spent about an hour wandering  through the local woods, collecting many chestnuts on our way, i was very impressed with how my children just on with it, no moaning about being tired & wanting a 'carry', it helped that lot's of their friends came along too! even little O walked all the way, we ended the walk at the scout hut, where a small fire had been lit to roast the chestnuts, 

this was the part of the walk which had appealed to me most, my two weren't that keen on the nuts, but happily tucked into the satsumas i'd thankfully remembered to bring along too!

i did remember we needed to pick a winner though & big G happily took the role on

congratulations to Colette, i'll drop you an email so we can plan the hat you'd like, sorry i couldn't knit everyone a hat! (you really would be waiting till next year if that was the case)


  1. Oh well done Colette you lucky lady! (secretly envious!)... What a great idea, a chestnut gathering walk and then to eat what you find at the end. Sounds blissful. Lou x

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  3. what a gorgeous theme for a walk xoxo

  4. Wrong Colette :0(

    What a lovely walk you have had.


  5. Fab walk- I wish we had something like that here- the girls would love it!

    Well done Colette you lucky duck!!


  6. I'm (we) are heading home in a couple of weekends time for carnivals and chestnut picking - I can't wait.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

    Nina xxx

  7. Oh I am so excited - I can't believe I won!! Thank you so much.
    I've been ill in bed for a few days and this is just the happiest news to cheer me up - I'd better get on ravelry and choose a pattern! x