Wednesday, 27 October 2010

highs & lows of half term part one

half term happily kicked of with my sister-in-laws wedding, both my little ones played their parts very well, causing a few innocent chuckles from the other guests, in the way only small children can!

a sunny afternoon spent at alice holt  forest with a group of friends

wearing us all out 

only to then go down with a cold & receive some disappointing news re the house chain one up from us! all on hold for now, keeping my fingers & toes very much crossed

i started a new knitting project (the hat for colette) only for the battery on my camera to run out just as i was about to take a photo, 

still, i'm so very looking forward to a child free day out in london tomorrow (even if it means dosing myself with cold medicines)

& i think i'm almost as excited about halloween as big G is!


  1. Fingers crossed too and I hope you all feel better soon.

    Nina xxx

    ps. I use to live very near Alice Holt (opposite to be honest) - my first couple of years as a babe, but in all my time of coming home I have never once visited it again - I should really check it out as I know the kids would love it. N xxx

  2. The children look delightful at the wedding. Hope you all feel better soon.

  3. How sweet the children look.
    Enjoy your child free day out, it always does me good for a few quiet hours - hope you're feeling better soon, x

  4. ooooooo spooky pumpkin.. yes I am getting excited too about halloween. we have the coughing lergy in our house! bloody annoying. I could do with a day off to myself too... enjoy lou xx

  5. Hope you enjoyed your day out and sorry to hear about the house thing- moving is so so stressful!! G & O look adorable as ever xx