Sunday, 31 October 2010

half term - part two

i have to say there have certainly been more highs than lows to the second half of the holiday, but this has also meant it's gone all too quickly & can't get my head round having to go back to work tomorrow! our trip to london was great fun, having packed the little ones off to granny's early in the morning, we headed off to catch the train, our first stop was the v&a, i love the building, it was a treat to wander round at my own pace,

(& the gift shop, where i stocked up on a few stocking fillers for the kids), then after lunch, we had a stroll a around the shops, highlights being liberty, where their christmas section got me very excited (as well as the yarns bit too)

& a visit to art box, where a few more little goodies found their way into my bag

despite the miserable weather over the weekend we've had lots of fun, the children have pretty much been in a constant state of various dressing up outfits, well we have had a halloween party & trick or treating as a good excuse

hope you've all had a happy halloween too 


  1. Glad you had such a lovely trip to London- looks fabulous. We had a lovely halloween evening- we went trick or treating with all the other children from our street in a big gang. I've never done it before- so much fun!!