Wednesday, 18 August 2010

winter knitting

i started on these mittens, thinking i'd stash them away as a Christmas present, being the organised person i am (he he)

it may be the weather turning more autumnal or thinking about spending playtimes outside with the little ones when i'm back at work next month, but i don't think i'll be able to part with these as i have fallen in love with them myself, 

i spent every evening whilst we were camping, knitting by candle light & finished the first one super quickly, i hope to finish the second one tonight at the little knit & sew group we've set up with a few like-minded folks - just in time to be able to wear them on our third camping trip of the summer, as the weather forecast is not looking too great for next week!

this pattern is really great & far easier than i had thought it would be, details can be found here on ravelry,


  1. They look lovely. I've never tried cables, I really should.

  2. They are so beautiful I may have to buy some needles and learn to knit! lol

    x Alex

  3. Love the gloves, yes hasn't it turned autumnal, I love the idea of knitting by candle light, if only I could knit.
    Also what a great idea starting a knit and sew group sounds like a good way to spend an evening. Hope you enjoy!

  4. they look lovely , very warm and cosy

  5. They look great! I'm trying to learn how to knit at the moment, I'm a long way off mittens! Lol


  6. That's so funny - I just did my own post the other day about these very same mittens! Such a great pattern - and yours look very nice and cozy!

  7. Hi, just found your blog via clover cottage. I love those mittens. I'm on ravelry so I may have to look them up and knit them.......if I can find the time between knitting ten pairs of socks for christmas pressies....