Thursday, 26 August 2010

what a wash out

third time unlucky in the case of our last camping trip of the summer, i won't bore you all with the details but let's just say that waking at 2am to find our tent was floating in a rather large puddle of water was not part of the plan! 

in fact there was just so much water (& it was still raining) that we loaded up the car, woke the sleeping children, abandoned the tent & drove home at 3am, 

still driving there & back the following day to collect the soggy (& very muddy) tent gave me plenty of car knitting time, in which to finish off my 'summer' cotton cardigan (yes just in time for autumns arrival)

still i love it & am so very happy with how it turned out, the pattern & yarn details can be found over on ravelry

i have of course cast on straight away for another project (determined that this one will become a Christmas present) & have also been at the sewing machine today & am feeling ever so proud of myself - details of which i will share as soon as i can get some pictures of said project

*i promise i have not forgotten about the previously mentioned giveaway i'm planning, it will be coming soon* 


  1. What a shame about the tent, we only managed one of our two camping trips due to the rain. It's been such a shame for the kids, we'll probably have a heat wave when the kids go back to school!
    Love the cardigan, it's such a gorgeous colour,
    I'm going to send a link to my mum to encourage her to knit me one!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your wet holiday. Your cardigan looks lovely though! :)

  3. oh dear! still the cardie looks great!

  4. Love the cardigan. Do tell of your new project.xx

  5. Hello Kelly, thanks for you comment on my log. Wow your cardigan is stunning, I think I will have to dust off my needles and get some wool. We had moths and they loved my wool stash, so sadly had to throw the whole lot away! Anyway, a chance to buy some new! xx