Sunday, 29 August 2010

feeling good

waking early & sneaking up the stairs to the attic (yes we have stairs - unfinished stairs but stairs none the less)

to soak in the view

as the sun was coming up

seeing a little of the sunshine really makes all the difference,

as does finding you've got a pear tree at the bottom of the garden (anyone know when they'll be ready for the picking?)

& more knitting on the needles, 

yes, autumn may be on the way but i for one am feeling good about it, 

*& thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post - that grin is most definitely still there!*


  1. Your attic stairs look like ours! Except we've lived here for 5 years! Dan was (is) going to paint this weekend... not holding my breath! Glad your feeling good about autumn coming, I'm not quite there yet. I think it's the impending start of school for Charlie. x

  2. What a beautiful view- I bet you're never going to want to move out of that place! Re the pears- a general rule of thumb is that fruit is ready when you don't have to tug too hard to pick it- they should just sort of fall off in your hand xx

  3. *Big sigh* - attic stairs and a view, mmmmmmm.

    We are starting to pick the odd pear now though I'm not too sure of when it's officially OK though if it comes off in your hand when you give a little twist and pull then I would say that's OK - hope that helps?

    Nina xxx

  4. Lovely view! yes Autumn is here but this week is suppose to be gorgeous!

  5. wow - stunning views !! Love it. This is the third year for my pear tree but still no sign of any fruit :o( Yours look fab!