Tuesday, 17 August 2010

my kind of treasure

a little visit to a local charity shop came up trumps yesterday

this rather large pot of buttons was taped shut, so i couldn't get a peek inside, but at only £2 i thought it worth a shot

how right i was

it is chocked full of buttony goodness

i've barely made a dent in sorting through it but have found many treasures of the button kind & spent some time thinking on where these buttons may have been in the past & how someone else must have thought them to be their kind of treasure too


  1. Oh wow, what an incredible find, your right you've found treasure!
    Have fun sorting through them

  2. What a bargain! 2 pounds! Lucky you...

  3. Thats a great find and useful, nice to see someone else who likes to visit charity shops. Julie.C

  4. Ah - button ♥love♥ I sooooo get that.

    Enjoy your sorting,

    Nina xxx

  5. wow, you sure got a bargain there ,,, well done you :-)

  6. Yummy- that's the only word to describe your button find!

  7. Brilliant find! Have fun sorting and playing with the buttons! :) x