Friday, 27 August 2010

clever bean

*apologies in advance for the crazy amount of photos in this post*

i am feeling ever so slightly pleased with myself, because you see, i made myself a dress, well i made the practice version of a dress, using the Japanese pattern book i brought a few weeks ago from m is for make

i did take my time with this, having traced the pattern a few weeks ago, then spent an evening cutting out the fabric, 

i then spent yesterday afternoon sewing it all together, thanks mostly to the very helpful diagrams in the book, it all came together very easily

the sleeves were the trickiest part,

most unlike me, i thought it best to have a practice run before i went out & brought some fabric with which to make this, so i used the off cuts from a cheapo pair of ikea curtains i had taken up when we moved, so it's just a light natural cotton, 

but thinking i may just be able to wear this around the house i couldn't resist adding a little touch of colour!

i love how it all turned out & even more i love the fact that i made it, i have spent today day dreaming about the possible fabrics i will use to make the 'real' version (i'm thinking a fine baby cord for the winter - worn with tights & boots)

now i just need to wipe this silly grin off my face!


  1. Gosh! This is fantastic, you are bloomin clever! I would love to be able do this. My sewing skills are terrible. Yes, it would be gorgeous in needle cord... oh please make me one! x

  2. gold star for kelly!!!
    i would be doing a crazy dance if i'd managed to make something so lovely! as you know i have the book too...and now you've gone and got me excited about it again. i'll have another look tonight. then probably eat some toast and fall asleep on the sofa! one day though. sigh...babycord sounds a-may-zing!!!
    happy weekend xX

  3. Don't stop smiling or even attempt to wipe the smile off your face, for this looks truly amazing, as for the thought of one in cord, delicious!
    It's wonderful I'd be doing a crazy jig if I'd made myself something so grand!
    Have a good weekend xx

  4. It would look amazing in cord! Well done! :)

  5. Well done Kelly- that really is beautiful, and such a flattering shape. Sorry to hear about your camping trip- hope G&O weren't too sad xxx

  6. Wow, I've often wondered how easy it would be to put one of those japenese patterns together........the dress looks fantastic and I'm sure it would look great in babycord.

  7. Beautiful! Well done, I'm jealous of your dressmaking skills, I like trying to make clothes, but they never turn out as well as that! You have every right to have a silly grin on your face, well done! :) x

  8. I wish I could make clothes, I bought some nice dress-making fabric but really lack the sewing skills and the patience!

    Feel free to pop over to my blog and enter my giveaway.

    Sian x

  9. I love the dress! So simple yet elegant. Great job! I would be gushing, too!

  10. It looks AMAZING! like everyone else, can't wait to see it in cord...