Friday, 2 July 2010

so long

- for now! we have picked up the keys to the new house & will be up early tomorrow, when the hard work will really start, 

i am however rather miffed, as bt are going to take two whole weeks to hook us back up to the internet, so i shall be taking a rather unintentional break from the blog, which might turn out for the best as i really will have so much other stuff to get done!
*just a couple of photos of recent thrifty finds i think i had forgotten to share, a stash of sewing thread £1 & some vintage fabric only a £1*

back soon x


  1. Good luck with the move,

    Nina x

  2. Good luck with the move, hope it goes well. Also when someone says so long? I think...farewell, aufvheidersain adieu. Too much "Sound of Music" in my formulating years.