Sunday, 18 July 2010

we're in!

& i love this house already, despite still being very un-packed, & still having the builders in finishing off a loft conversion, it feels like home!

looks lovely, until you see the ceiling that is!

& the landing!

just waiting on the stairs to be made in Wales! then hopefully they can get on with finishing it all off! i have however had the sewing machine unpacked & got my sewing mojo going with something simple

a little snippet for now, i'll be back to share the rest tomorrow, when we kick off our family birthday-a-thon (starting with mine!)

it also seems that in my absence i have now gained over 100 followers (just) so i think a give-away is in order, (as soon as i can get myself organised that is)

*edited to add* i should mention that i got the dotty fabric from saints & pinners, a fab online shop stocking great fabric, this was a scap pack & i still have some left over, i also brought some other bits, which i'll save to share another day!


  1. welcome to your new home, I hope you will be very happy there xoxo

  2. wow, it looks like a lovely period house! :-) I love the front door and the sash windows.

  3. Glad to have you back!
    House looks great, is this the house you were going to rent or are you buying it because it looks perfect!

  4. this is the house we are renting, but oh how i wish we could buy it, it belongs to our village church trust, so i don't think they'll be up for selling it too us unfortunately, but it's made me feel far stronger about the type of house i do want to buy!

    & i'm very glad to be back thank you x

  5. Well done for getting organised so quickly- it is a lovely home. Have missed your updates! x

  6. what a beautiful house! loving the windows and hallway...looks like you have already made it a home. so pleased that you are in and happy! and birthdays galore? the bunting looks perfect for celebrations. xX

  7. stairs or no stairs it still looks like a gorgeous house , I hope you'll all be very happy in it . Happy Birthday for tomorrow :-)

  8. Lovely house - hope you enjoy your time there. It's the sort of house I'd like to buy too!

  9. It all looks very interesting up there in the loft. Glad you have settled in ok to your new home.

  10. It does look gorgeous in the first photo especially, had a laugh when I saw your ceiling (or lack of!). Shame it's only rented, good luck with the house hunting.

  11. What a lovely home, hope you'll be very happy in there for years. It looks like the place you want to come home everyday. Enjoy it!

  12. It looks gorgeous and very, very homely I can see why you're in love. Can't wait to see how it is transformed.

    'Welcome to your new home'

    Nina xxx