Monday, 19 July 2010

let the celebrating begin!

the birthday bunting is up & we start the family birthday season with mine, i had felt very little excitement about my birthday this year, which i had put done to turning 33, however when i woke this morning & was treated to a lie by my hubs, i just couldn't get back to sleep, so either i'm just so used to getting up before 7am, or i was a teeny tiny bit excited about today, 

& what a lovely day i've had, i've been treated to a very special  present, which i'm really looking forward to getting to know my way round, having only ever used an old SLR, this DSLR is a real treat, 

& after a spot of shopping & lunch in Chichester, we came home & had a birthday tea in the garden

mmmmmm, cream cakes & then a little knitting in the garden, 

my perfect day!


  1. 'Happy Birthday!!!' hope your having a grand day and are being spoilt?

    Have a wonderful evening,

    Nina xxxx

  2. Happy Birthday , looks perfect :-)

  3. Happy birthday! Very jealous of the camera- can't wait to see some pics of your crafting in perfect pictures x

  4. happy birthday, looks like truly wonderful celebrations are happening

  5. Happy Birthday. Camera looks amazing.
    I was 34 yesterday and can't say I was too excited about the whole thing though I did get to have a birthday lie in! oh how birthdays change!
    Enjoy the rest of your evening x

  6. Happy Birthday. Sound like you have had a really wonderful day. My niece is getting married on the 31st and moving to Chichester.

    I know it is only a train ride, but I am going to miss her.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    Colette xx

  7. Happy Birthday!!
    Not sure what I like best, bunting cakes or a gorgeous Nikon Camera!


  8. Happy Birthday! Those cakes look delicious!
    R x

  9. Lovely! Happy Birthday and *green eyes* about that camera...