Thursday, 30 July 2009


i'm trying very hard to be organized, as it's big G's fourth birthday tomorrow (4 years - how did that happen so fast) this will be the first year he's had a proper party (which hasn't just involved family members) now not only does this involve feeding the delightful little dears (biscuit dough is chilling in the fridge as i write & nana's help has been enlisted to make the cake) but it also involves party bags!

now being that big G (who is in fact not really that big!) is the youngest in his pre-school year, he has been to quite a few parties already, i've never really been all that impressed with the party bags they get given, mostly filled with plastic bits that get lost or broken (bar one friend who gave all the kids a book at the end of the party - great idea which i'm saving for another year)

well, me being me wanted to make something to go into ours, so these little nuggets seemed perfect!all finished & ready to go to their new homes, they will also contain the usual penny type sweets, but the girls are getting some hairbands & the boys a small toy car each! none of which cost too much & will hopefully all get used.aren't they cuteon another note, i did manage to finish the pond play mat in time for camping, i gave up trying to hand tie it & just used the machine, didn't bind it & backed it with an old duvet cover, but it is perfect (in my eyes) & very fit for purpose
& of course no sooner than i spread it out to take a photo, a little one finds her way over

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  1. Hope the party goes well. I love the bunnies - they're adorable!