Sunday, 2 August 2009


well, we survived the party & the sun shone all afternoon,big G spent the day wearing his birthday crown,which i had very quickly put together the day before, using the instructions from 'the creative family' by amanda blake soule, i used some felt i had made a while ago, but this really was too thick for this project, so when i make the next one (& there will be a next one, no doubt the night before little O's first birthday) i will have to either make some thinner felt or find something else to use.

all in all it has been an exhausting few days, i have found some time to start cutting for my next patchwork project (pic's to follow soon) although i did manage to cut my finger with my new rotary cutter, i have been slowly getting on with knitting some of my birthday wool& started this pattern, using Banyan yarn in velvet leaf from colinette

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