Thursday, 16 July 2009

little nuggets

i must be mad, it will be big G's birthday at the end of the month & for some reason i had a compelling urge to make presents to go into his party bags!

i'd found this pattern for bunny nuggets a while ago from this lady & thought it would be just perfect for this very purpose, so que crazy knitting lady again,
now you might be thinking that 'oh there's plenty of time to get those done' well yes there would be, if we didn't have a camping trip planned in between, for which i'm knitting away to finish a cardigan for myself to take & also trying to find the will to finish the pond play mat, to also take along on camp! & fitting in a lot of 'play dates' to keep the small people busy, i think i've got my work cut out ! (not to mention half made bunnies lying all over the place)

1 comment:

  1. Bunny nuggets are looking great ~ I hope that you don't have too many party bags to fill though! :O)