Monday, 13 July 2009

lucky little me

well i only went & won another 'giveaway', think i might have to not enter any for a while,
i won this lovely wool from tomato tea, once i'd opened it i knew it would be perfect to knit up another little gnomey hat with, (the first of many handmade gifts to give this Christmas), so of course ignoring all the other little jobs i needed to do, i cast on!
i so keen i even got my knitting out whilst at a mother & toddler group this morning, (whilst little O was having a short nap) & was happily surprised at the many positive comments i got about it, it even sparked a few question off about patchwork, as i use little patchwork bags to carry my knitting about in. it's great to finds others who share my love of all things crafty.


  1. Ooh, what a lovely colour yarn! Lucky you!

  2. It is beautiful! Well Done :O)

  3. Lucky you! You can enter my giveaway too. It is bits of fabrics, and since you are doing so well....why not give it a try? : )