Thursday, 9 July 2009

good mail day

Oh i was so very pleased when the postman knocked on the door this morning, carrying a parcel - i just knew this was going to be a good mail day when i saw this
some lovely fabrics that i just had to order, they were such a bargain!some Erin McMorris 'poppy dot in orange' & Amy Butler 'seeds'
& two different prints from Amy Butlers 'daisy chain' Clematis & Dandelion field, these were on (a close down) sale in this etsy shop & even with postage & the exchange rate cost a little over £5 per yard.

Also in the post today was the oh so sweet hair band from Amy at Coco crafts, & i found an even sweeter little model for italthough she did wonder what i was up tothink her hair might need to grow a little before its a good look on her.

& some great news - i won a little giveaway on Carina's craftblog, one of her Happyscape Tropical Island embroidery patterns, which i look forward to finding time to make!


  1. It is so exciting when one finally gets the parcel with lovely fabrics inside. Will look forward to see what you make with them. I especially like the orange one with flowers.

  2. how exciting!! and the cutest little model ever!!

  3. Oh my gosh, love those fabrics. I can imagine using the bottom Amy Butler print for a million things.