Friday, 9 January 2009

Ta Da

Finished Mocha cake - yum yum,

Also found some time to cut up all the Christmas cards into tags for next Christmas!

And managed to squeeze little O into one of her hand knit cardigans, this one is still long on the arms, ( not that you can tell but they are turned back) it's a struggle to do up around her round little tum!

It's going to have her last her a little longer as the next one is very far from finished.


  1. Oooh get the kettle on - I'll be right round for a slice of that yummy cake!

    Your little girl looks gorgeous in her cardy. Such a lovely smiley girl!


  2. Your cake looks yummy!
    I love the cardigan you have knitted and your little girl is adorable.

  3. Oh yum! That cake looks delicious! Love the little cardie too.