Sunday, 11 January 2009

New Hat

I knitted this hat before little O was born (it may have even been before i knew i was pregnant!) so it was very lucky that i had a little girl this time round. it was one of the many things which had been hidden away for later, i came across it this morning whilst in the middle of a big tidy up, and just had to try it on her! The ear flaps are a little long but i don't think she'll mind. so i wrapped her and big G up -
and sent them out with mr K to get the papers - giving me 15 minutes of peace. Little O's gums are causing a few problems at the mo - no teeth yet but i think they're on the way, so she's spent her day time naps in her sling, and her night waking us up a lot to have a good grumble about it all!
Not a lot else done today - or the weekend for that matter, other than cleaning, sorting and trying to find a home for all Christmas gifts we were given - although i did find the time to crochet some cute little flowers in some lovely yarn - will take a picture tomorrow if i get a chance.