Sunday, 18 January 2009

New Knitting

Having been inspired by Rachel's sock making, i went and ordered some lovely wool to make a pair for myself from Colinette, it arrived so quickly, i hadn't even had the chance to buy the needles i needed! but it really is so lovely. i can't wait to make a start but i have a few projects i need to finish first. I have put the cardigan i'm knitting for little O on hold for now, as i'm making it in a bigger size and it has knitted up big and as she won't be wearing it for a while, i can get on with a few others things i want to do.

This is another new project - (well one of the patterns from this book) by Tracy Chapman. i started today and hopefully it won't take long, (i have been knitting whilst little O naps on my lap, this afternoon, so it's been rather tricky to avoid poking her in the head with the needles) i will show once it's finished, It's for big G, as he has now got to the age where he's not too keen on wearing handknits, so i have to make him toys instead, which really is easier and a little more fun anyway.

I made this princess doll last year from the 'toys to crochet' book by Claire Garland and have keep it for little O, I made the pattern up for the toadstool as i went along. I enjoy making things like this as they don't take too long and they make great gifts - (just hope my friends children aren't fed up with the handmade gifts).

I have also been sorting out what to send my swap partner in the FQ swap Katy organised, it's all ready to be wrapped - but i will take some photos before so i can post them once it has received it. I did make a small something to send too. I'm really looking forward to receiving some new fabric, as i need some inspiration to get back on the sewing machine, (the main reason i have been doing so much knitting lately is that i've got completely hooked on watching the first season of 'the wire' and so once the kids are in bed, i have been snuggling up with my knitting in front of the telly every evening)


  1. Ooh, gorgeous colour choice! If you need any help just let me know (says me, the "expert"! I'm only on my 4th pair myself!!)

  2. Wow I love the princess doll - and the toadstool is so cute!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Welcome to blogland! :)

    Gemma x x

  3. Ooh - I love your sock yarn! I knitted my first pair with Colinette and it was the loveliest yarn to knit with.

    Can't wait to see what toy you're knitting :-)


  4. I'm not a competent knitter. I admire you enormously for attempting socks. I'm too scared *blush* Can't wait to see the toy(s). x