Saturday, 24 January 2009


Sock knitting is coming on well, i'm surprised at how much i am enjoying knitting these (especially as i'm now over the tricky heel part) i am also loving how the colours are turning out, they remind me of sugared almonds or refresher sweets - not sure if you can even get those anymore?.
yesterday i allowed myself to be seduced into ordering some more fabric from here (i do sort of have a plan for these, so in my head that made it okay you understand), i was amazed they arrived so quickly and am very pleased with them.

So when we popped up to Guildford today, so mr K could take big G on his first trip to the cinema, whilst i had a wander around the shops with little O, i didn't intend to go & buy any more fabric, however once i noticed that the fabric room had a sale on, i just had to pop in for a look -

So when i found these fabrics 'pillow fight' & 'kids toile' on sale at £3 per m i just had to have some, i also managed to find a couple more fq, to add to the various projects i was now forming in my head

the 'word search' piece was only £1.50 and i couldn't resist the 'apple dot' fabric in these colours), i'm thinking that the socks might go on hold for a day or two, so i can get on with some sewing!


  1. Gosh, such lovely fabrics. And yes, you can still get refreshers - my daughter loves them! x

  2. Lovely fabrics and their going to be such a lovely cosy pair of socks wish I could knit!

  3. Wow those fabrics are gorgeous!! And the sock is looking good - what pattern are you using? I have been halfway through a sock since october. lol

    Gemma x x