Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Today has just been one of those days, now the children are in bed and the dinner has been cooked & eaten, i feel i can relax (in amongst the mess - but that can be tidied another day). The picture is of some of the flowers i have been crocheting, i love making making little things like this, they are quick, easy and pleasing to me (or as mr K would say - 'precious things' - in a mocking tone) The thing is they have been such a pain to photograph, either too dark or bright, or the battery goes!, I'm not great with a digital camera, in fact i was very against ever getting one, having done a photography gcse many years ago, i loved my old battered Pentax SLR, and unfortunately there is no way i can afford to get a digital SLR at the moment, so will have to make do. (for now)

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  1. Love those cute little flowers. Know what you mean about photos. Some of the pics on the blogs are great. However I have a little Olympus 4mp camera, so it does have its limitations. My b/f, who incidentally has a top of the range Canon digital was requested by me to take some pics for me yesterday. The quality's awesome!!!
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    Sharon x : )