Tuesday, 2 October 2012


i've been obsessing over wooly goodness of late - can't get enough of it, i've a couple of things on the go, a couple of things i want to get started on & i'm trying to stop myself from buying more yarn
knitting in progress
knitting in progress
jen over at little birdie has started doing a '52 weeks of happy project', i thought seeing as i'm planning to be blogging a lot this month that setting myself another goal was a small drop in the ocean, it's also something we do as a family from time to time, over our sunday lunch, join in if you fancy it!
also the first three commenter's from the last post squiggling about, south of peru & a load of old tat, please email your details & hopefully i'll be sharing a little happy with you guys too!


  1. Your first paragraph describes me perfectly at the moment! Only I've more than just a couple of things on the go at the moment - think I might have startitis again! What's your stripey thing? Gorgeous colours.

    Off to look at Little Birdie now..

  2. Looking forward to seeing how everything develops this month :)

    Gaz Alternative Eden