Monday, 1 October 2012

one - getting back in the habit

i've really got out the habit of blogging lately, which has kind of been bothering me, i think about stuff i could / would blog quite a lot but then just never seem to get round to it, i'm busy with life, which is all good {& i certainly try to grab some time to myself when i can}  it just seems i've been off doing other things in these times, so in short i've decided to try & do a blog post a day for october, to kick of the month i thought it's as good a time as any to offer up a 'pay it forward' to you all, a {very} long time ago i took part in a pif & was sent some lovely goodies from Rachel over at 'contented', part of the deal was that i too would then offer to pay this kindness forward, so i'm opening it up to my first three commenter's on this post,  i will send you some goodies in the post, i won't make any promises on time scales but will set myself the goal of it being before christmas, the only thing i ask in return is that you pay it forward & share a little happiness around
pay it forward
these are the lovely goodies Rachel sent me!

just to add i'm happy to send anywhere but may just have to send something smaller if you're overseas,  sorry but just to keep my costs down


  1. This is funny because i was thinking the same this evening. I havent blogged for months but our little house hold has had alot of things going on..but now i am doing the same a post a day for october .. a pif is such a great thing to do and i think a great way to get back blogging .. :)

  2. What a lovely thought, spread a little happiness.

  3. It's hard sometimes to remember to blog in our busy lives I always struggle too.

  4. Well it seems I am not in your first three, but what a good idea. I did one before and had forgotten about it til now. Perhaps I may do one later. I have read so many blogs of late where people have apologised for not posting (I have been there)and as a lovely lady commented to me, it doesnt matter at all. You shouldnt feel obliged to blog and everyone is always pleased when you do. I have to say however I certainly dont think I could ever do a post a day! Good Luck x

  5. I for one would love to see more of you! Happy blogging! Ada :)