Wednesday, 17 October 2012

seventeen -52 weeks of happy


slow stitching
slow stitching

1. a small 'background' project i'm working on, when one of my {many} other projects is not keeping my attention or i don't know what to start first, it's great to have a little slow stitching to work on, to keep my mind & hands busy

2. my slow cooker, i would truly be lost without this

3. my little O seems to have settled beautifully at big school

4. getting strict on limiting the amount of tv the kids watch, seems to have gone down far better than expected {although i may have to invest in a paper & felt tip company the amount of drawing they are now doing!}


  1. You've got hexie fever too! So glad little O has settled, makes life muuc easier! Ada :)

  2. Really lovely colours! Less TV has had a really positive effect in our house too :)