Sunday, 12 December 2010

sunday stash / new fabric

having read this post over here (sorry Jenny)

i was far too tempted & made the mistake of taking a look, as tempted as i was by the lovely Westfalenstoffe fabrics, there were lots of others to lure me in, the 'little folks' flannel i have wanted so long, (i had actually ordered some of this last winter but it was part of the parcel that went missing at the time) it was also at a great price, so i couldn't resist, i plan to use this to make some bedding for little O, as she will be moving into a bed (as soon as i can face the trip to Ikea!)

i also got some of this Kokka 'sewing thread' fabric & some Heather Bailey fabric (which were on sale)

all from Celtic Fusion fabrics, a great quick service (the parcel made it to me despite all the snow) they even sent me a few little freebie pieces of fabric, which is always a treat,


  1. Gorgeous fabric Kelly! I have been exploring online suppliers and found Dawanda, where you can create a notebook and see how your fabrics fit together! Check it out. x

  2. Sorry to tempt you!
    I've just bought lot's of flannel to make into scarves. It's so lovely and soft, it'll make wonderful bedding for little O. But I agree you definitely have to prepare yourself mentally for a trip to Ikea!

  3. I love all the fabrics,just scrummy colours and patterns, a real feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing the links too xox