Thursday, 2 December 2010

oh dear

there is a little more out there today than yesterday, after venturing out this morning, i can now report i am safely snug on the sofa, having made another batch of jam tarts & some millionaires shortbread to keep us all going

with both pre-school & school closed & the roads round here too bad for driving on, we are all having a lovely family day, although i've left the sledging to the boys this afternoon!

finding a little time to knit whilst little O naps on the sofa next to me


  1. Such beautiful pictures Kelly - my mum keeps putting their snowy ones of Hampshire via facebook - not as bad as earlier in the year, but quite alot of snow.

    I'd say we've had a foot or two.

    Kepp warm and snug,

    Nina xxx

  2. You have so much more than we have here in the North of London! And it is so beautiful.

  3. Apart from its beauty, snow can bring us unexpected time together....enjoy!

  4. Sooo envious of you guys enjoying being snug in the snow, I am fed up with the endless dry weather in Cyprus and missing the seasons in the UK!

  5. it is very beautiful. stay warm, we're trying to x