Friday, 3 December 2010

the countdown has begun

i had been planning to make an advent calender for such a long time, it was one of those things i always thought i had lots of time in which to make it, so then never actually got round to making it! 
then what with last weekend being taken up by more pressing matters, i had two days to just get on & get it made, 

it turns out i didn't make the version i had been carrying around in my head all that time, what i did make was a rather scrappier, happier version

a brief 'how to'
i just pieced together four rows of five squares & one rectangle, hand sewing a number onto each, i then backed each of these strips with some muslin (sewing right sides together, leaving a small gap for turning,  then turning right sides out, pressing & sewing up the small turning hole)

then sewed each strip onto a larger piece of fabric, going down, along & up three sides of each square, so as to make them into 24 pockets, i did this in one continuous line for each strip, backed it, having made a few strips to pop into the top, with which to hang the whole thing up, i have been popping a treat into the pocket each evening, as it is hanging at child level, so i know if i had filled it all it would have been emptied on December  1st! i am so happy with how it turned out, as at one point i really thought i wouldn't & was already thinking about how i'd make another one for next year, but happily it all came together & the children think it's just perfect


  1. It's lovely, love all your fabrics you've used.
    We too fill our boys calendars up every night, as they have wandering fingers!
    They keep checking them to see if they have magically filled up again!
    Jenny x

  2. Just checking in from work, shhhh!

    That is so beautiful Kelly- I want one for me! Steve could fill it with reels of cotton and buttons for me x

  3. How adorable - lovely fabrics. I just finished mine too - nothing like leaving it until the last minute eh?

  4. I just finished mine too which I started last year, I have to fill it up daily as well as it would be emptied a few times a day.

  5. Thanks for following my blog, whooo hoo number three. Ohh to get to the dizzy heights of double figures. Thank you

  6. It's beautiful. I haven't made one but it's definitely on next year's to do xmas list. AND I can fill it up daily, what a brilliant idea and why didn't I think of that?! My boys have chocolate ones and one is more than half empty already! x

  7. Kelly, you children are right it is just perfect. I love it! If I was to ever own/make one I would love one like yours... have a cosy weekend.. Lou x

  8. What a lovely advent calender, I'm tempted to make one for myself next year! :) x

  9. It looks fab. Do you know it's one of those things I always say I will make and never get round to it, only just remember to put one up on the 1st December - maybe next year.

    Nina xxx

  10. Oh, I love it, it's just fab! That's the prettiest one I've seen. Filling one pocket a night is a clever plan, I'd been wondering how that would work with my little man who has his fingers in all the pies! I will definitely have a go at making one next year. I managed stockings this year, you can see them here if you're interested:
    Laura x