Monday, 20 December 2010

& it doesn't show signs of stopping

 i have to be a bit bah humbug here & let you all know i'm kinda getting sick of the snow, for many reasons including being unable to get my car out, which in turn means i can't finish the christmas shopping i had planned, not seeing a postman for days (& still missing a few vital presents) worrying that we might not get over to my folks on boxing day & many other problems i won't bore you all with (frozen pipes aren't helping matters - one thing putting me off living in an old house)

view from my bedroom window, i know the snow makes it all look so pretty but i could have really done with it holding off for a week,

i'm trying very hard to do some things with the children to make their holiday fun, today we have made biscuits, which went very well (but then when they'd had enough of that they moved on to trashing the front room)

this recipe is super easy for the little ones & also very tasty, i kept some back for myself to make & turned them into a sweet little gift!

the snow is still falling, so we are going to stay tucked up inside today but will have to venture out tomorrow, even if we are only able to get around like this


  1. I still have a few gifts to get but mostly I am done and to be honest if I am late with the gifts then so be it...

    Hope you get a bit of a break in the weather and that you have a super Christmas...

    x Alex

  2. I love your sweet biscuit jar idea, ever so sweet, especially made by your little ones xox

    Are you able to share the recipe or point me in the right direction?

    Looks like cabin fever is about to set in here in east sussex! xox

  3. Aaaw what sweet little biscuits. Hope you make it out of the village soon x

  4. I agree about the snow. We haven't had that much, but it's made work impossible for Mr D, we've had parents in laws stuck in travel lodges one side of the moors with the road between us closed! And like you we too have presents missing :(
    I hope the snow starts to thaw for you and that you can get on with your Christmas preparations.
    Love the photo of the sledges!
    Jenny x