Sunday, 20 June 2010

hot off the needles

a few days ago i finished off the little cardigan i was knitting for little O & she's been getting as much wear of it as possible (as i knitted it to fit her now!) details can be found here on ravelry
although i don't always agree with her outfit choice, she's such a strong willed little lady i just have to go along with it (although i'm rather glad the too small for her red hat & lime green gardening gloves were abandoned before we made it out the door in this following little number)
no sooner had i finished this cardigan i have cast on for another the same, having agreed to knit one up for a friends daughter (at least it's in a slightly different colour this time)

i also must just share this picture that my other half snapped of big G playing, he likes to think he's a tough boy, but we know he's a softy at heart
just see how each of his action men had 'delightful' flower hats on, a leaf blanket & a little pine cone teddy with which to snuggle up with, 

i'm off to snuggle up in bed with a cuppa & my latest book, after a very lovely & tiring day, i'll try to get back soon to share it all


  1. That cardi is fab and that has to be one of the best snaps of big G ever- one to show future girlfriends I reckon! xx

  2. Oh I love the photo of the action "flower" men, I love their blankets and teddies!
    The cardi is lovely she looks like a real cutie.
    Hope things are settling down regards the moving.

  3. Gorgeous cardigan! The second photo of her is beautiful and I love it even more that she's playing with headphones. My mum has started a similar style cardi for Flo and seeing this finished one has made me want to nag her to finish it!

  4. She looks a real star in that outfit, obviously going to be a model or a designer!
    Love the action men picture, not too sure he will appreciate you showing us, but it made me smile.

  5. Children are so funny... and as much as they push us mums to the limit sometimes they can make us laugh at the most impromtu moments... ;D

    loving the cardigan and hopefully the next one will whizz up in no time now that you know the pattern... the action men are all looking very comfy... they've probably had a very hard day marching and doing really tuff stuff! lol
    I have an image of a barracks full of grenadier guards cuddling their teddies and wearing flower night caps! hilarious!

    x Alex

  6. The cardi is gorgeous and I so know what you mean about little girls wanting to dress themselves - little Tabi is just starting to impose her thoughts on the daily outfits I choose her to wear!!

    take care,

    Nina x

  7. Very cute cardigan on very cute little girl :))

  8. What a sweet cardi! I wish my girl was still little, I haven't got the patience to knit anything too big these days!


  9. That is a lovely new cardigan. The blue works so well. Children's clothes are so quick to knit up. I've just started a new one for one of my girls. I love summer dresses and homemade cardigans worn together!

  10. Aww! Sweet flower hats! :) Love the cardie.