Tuesday, 15 June 2010

hanging on in there

so many things to share & so little time spent at the computer! 

well the house has gone, we got it empty & clean in plenty of time for it's new owner to make it her own, the past week & half has flown by & so far so good, we are all coping well with the changes life has thrust upon us, that said i am so EXCITED, as we have been so lucky to find a house to rent in the village (i really miss being able to walk to school / work) & a lovely little house it is too! we move in at the beginning of July, i can't wait to get settled in & make it home, even if we only end up being there for 6 months, it will be so lovely to get back a space of our own, 

however we have been making the most of our time at the in-laws, they live in a beautiful part of surrey, down a country lane, so the children love getting out in the fresh air
i'm still really missing my sewing machine but know it won't be long before i'm reunited with it, i've been taking the opportunity to get more knitting done, i've just about finished little O's latest Cardigan, just the ends to sew in & a button to find, 
i love this wool so much, that i've gone & ordered a load more from kemps & found a pattern so i can knit myself something with it (just ignoring all those unfinished projects stashed about the place)
& thanks to this lovely lady for the sale tip, i also had to increase my fabric stash a little with some of the Amy Butler 'love' fabric from here
Amy butler LOVE
no idea of-course what i'm going to make with it yet, but it is ever so pretty to look at


  1. The sublime wool is beautiful I nearly ordered a load but I am trying to work through my stash at the moment...

    the cardigan looks lovely and ooohhh button shopping? or do you have some already?

    congrats with the rental property ... you never know you might end up staying there longer than 6 months.. or perhaps if its to lovely to live without you copuld offer to buy it off them...! stranger things have happened! lol

    x Alex

  2. I bought some too, but Heather Bailey.

    Hope the rented move goes well and it sounds like you're keeping positive. Fingers crossed.

    Nina x

  3. It really was a sale too good to miss!
    Great news about the rental property, it'll give you a chance to take your time to find the perfect house and walking to school has got to be easier then driving!

  4. Hi Kelly, thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I'm glad you did because it meant I got to spend a large portion Flo's nap time reading your lovely blog! Your children are gorgeous! I feel like I want to comment on absolutely every post so to save me looking like a stalker I'll just say here that your knitted and sewn items are superb and I'm pleased you've found a new home. Fay x x

  5. Hurray- I knew you'd find somewhere soon!! xx

  6. Glad you've found somewhere that suits you for a while. Great additions to your fabric stash.